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What is Bean to Bar?

Cocoa pods split in half

The Cocoa Pod

The pods are harvested and the pulp/seeds are fermented for up to 7 days, This is what helps develop the flavour of the cocoa seed. The beans are then dried under the sun for up to a week then packed into sacks ready for shipping.

Beans Delivered

The cocoa beans are then delivered to us. They are sorted ready for us to begin making chocolate. We use only fair traded, sustainable cocoa beans in our bean to bar chocolate.

Cocoa beans in hessian sack
Cocoa bean with shell removed


Upon receiving the beans we roast them ourselves, which helps to develop their natural flavour further.  The roasting also makes the outer shell of the beans brittle ready to be removed at the next stage.

Crack and Winnow

The cocoa beans need to be cracked and have their husk removed. This is called winnowing, We crack the beans to loosen the husk from the cocoa nib then feed it all through a winnowing machine to separate them. We use the cocoa nib for making the chocolate.

Cocoa bean cracked open
Chocolate melanger


This is the fun bit! Using a stone grinder we combine the cocoa nibs with other ingredients such as unrefined sugar, milk powder and cocoa butter. The chocolate in ground for up to 2 days to make sure we have a chocolate that is smooth and melts in the mouth.

Temper and Moulding

Once the chocolate is made it needs to be tempered to make sure we have a nice snap and shine on the chocolate bar. This process involves heating, cooling then heating the chocolate again to ensure the chocolate fat molecules are stable and uniform. Once we have tempered chocolate we pour the chocolate into moulds.

Chocolate bars poured into moulds
Bean to bar range held in hands


Once the chocolate has been demoulded it is wrapped up in our eco friendly packaging ready to hit our shop shelves or delivered to your door.


Just one thing left to do, Enjoy! don't forget to share!!!!!

Bean to bar chocolate with beer and comic book