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Time for change

It’s been a rollercoaster time for all, especially those of us in hospitality. Our first love is chocolate and is at the very heart of our business. We grew the foundations to our business at Alty Market with a new shop at The Picturedrome in Macclesfield in 2019.

The two places are very unique and we have realised that our customers are looking for a different experience from each location. Due to the complex nature of crafting chocolate and with the limited resources and space we currently have, we are unable to produce chocolates for both locations.

We have looked very carefully at where best to put our time and resources to give you the best SJ experience. So, from today, The Picturedrome will become a dedicated Dessert Bar, solely focusing on creating and serving you the desserts you have already come to know and love. We will also be expanding the dessert menu to bring more choices and creating space on our front counter so you can see all the desserts being made/plated.

This means that anyone in Macclesfield wanting chocolates can still head over to Altrincham. Alty Market will continue to be the home and heart of our chocolate counter while still serving all your favourite desserts.

We hope you will understand that we need to allow the business to be as fluid as possible to ensure that we can keep producing all the chocolate goodies you love.


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