Summertime | Sam Joseph Chocolates


Summer is here, well sort of! Come and check out our new summer products before the sunshine disappears!

We’ve added some new flavours to our milkshake range. So in addition to vanilla, and chocolate we now have mint chocolate, banana & peanut butter, strawberry, and malt .

We have introduced a range of ice cream floats too - Cola float, cooler float, hot chocolate float.

Our ice creams are available in some new flavours including vanilla, chocolate ripple, raspberry ripple, toasted almond & cherry, strawberry & cream, and chocolate & hazelnut spread.

Oh and now we do cones too! 🍦 topped off with our version of a flake - dark, milk or white chocolate shard.

We have recently sourced some biodegradable cups so the milkshakes and fruit coolers are now available to take away! ☀️🥤 😎


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