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Rediscovering Romance: The Tale Behind Our Banana and Earl Grey Chocolate

When we reopen, prepare for the return of one of our cherished creations – the banana and Earl Grey chocolate. Its origin story is quite a journey in itself…

A while back, Sam surprised me with a visit to Le Manoir, cleverly disguised as a birthday treat (I may have hinted once or twice about wanting to dine there! 😆). Little did I know, his true agenda was to pop the question! 💍 Amidst the romance, amidst the kitchen garden stroll, we relished an incredible meal.

As pastry chefs, dessert always holds a special place in our hearts. This time was no different – a mesmerizing blend of banana, Earl Grey, and milk chocolate graced our plates, leaving a lasting impression.

Inspired by that unforgettable taste, once back home, we ventured into our kitchen, striving to replicate that magical flavour in chocolate. And voilà! The banana and Earl Grey chocolate was born, now a cherished part of our offerings. We're thrilled to share this story-infused delight with you! 😋🍫 

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