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Natasha's Law

As of October 2021 it will be a legal requirement for any food which is pre packed for direct sale on the same site it was produced to include labels featuring a full list of ingredients. This type of food product is known as PPDS.

According to the UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha’s Law, PPDS products MUST be labelled with a description of the item, the full ingredients and any of the 14 allergens highlighted in some way, such as bold or capitals.

The purpose of these requirements is to provide consumers with allergies clarity around allergens and ingredients to help keep them safe. It is particularly useful for grab and go type foods where there is limited interaction between caterers and consumers.

While we don’t have pre packed grab and go style food, we have always strived to make the information regarding allergens readily available to our customers, by training our staff and holding this information at both locations, as per Environmental Health guidelines.

We have recently invested in a new system which allows us to digitally record ingredients lists and allergen information for all our products, packaged or not.  This information can then easily be printed out should a label be required.

While we do our best to ensure people with allergies can safely eat our products, we must make it clear that we are unable to guarantee that there are no traces of nuts, gluten and dairy as all products are made in our small kitchens where these ingredients are used.


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