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It's back...!

Once we reopen, one of our personal favourites will be making a come back – the banana and earl grey chocolate.  This one has a bit of a story behind how it came to be on our menu…

A few years ago Sam took me to Le Manoir, under the guise of a birthday surprise (I may have mentioned once or twice how much I’d love to eat there!! 😆) but unbeknown to me his real intention was to propose! 💍 So after the romantic bit had taken place, while we were walking around the kitchen garden, we had the most incredible meal.

As pastry chefs the dessert is always the highlight of a meal for us, and this occasion was no exception - we were blown away by the flavour combination of our dessert: banana, earl grey and milk chocolate.

The dish had such an impact that once we were home from our trip and back in the kitchen we set about creating a chocolate using the same flavours.  And the rest is history! We hope you like it as much as we do! 😋🍫