indulge in Our Delectable Gluten-Free Chocolate Treats! 🍫✨

indulge in Our Delectable Gluten-Free Chocolate Treats! 🍫✨


Great news for those with gluten sensitivities! At Sam Joseph Chocolates, we've been dedicated to expanding our gluten-free range, ensuring everyone can savour our exquisite treats without compromise.

Discover our tantalizing Salted Caramel Brownie, now available in a gluten-free version crafted with the same level of chocolatey, gooey richness as the original – the perfect indulgence sans gluten! Our irresistible Double Chocolate Cookie is also gluten-free, promising the same delightful flavours in every bite.

Stay tuned on our social media platforms for updates on new additions to our gluten-free lineup, as we continuously explore ways to adapt more products.

Please note, that although our gluten-free products are prepared separately, they are made in a kitchen that handles gluten, so we advise customers with severe allergies or intolerances to consult our staff before ordering. 

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