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Explore Our Freshly Baked Cookie Selection – Now in 3 Tempting Flavours! 🍪✨


Exciting news! We've expanded our cookie range to indulge your sweet tooth with not one but three delightful flavours, fresh from our oven every day! 🌟

Our cookies are baked daily to ensure that perfect combination of crispy edges and irresistibly soft centres – a true delight for cookie aficionados! 😋

Ever paired our warm cookies with a scoop of ice cream for an exquisite dessert? If not, it's a must-try treat that's sure to delight your taste buds!

While our signature milk chocolate cookie remains a menu staple, we're introducing new flavours periodically. Presently, relish our delectable Double Chocolate and Cashew & White Chocolate options. Plus, our Double Chocolate cookie is gluten-free, delivering incredible taste without compromising on flavour!

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